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A Rose for Dali

Salvador Dali, the great Spanish painter, surrealist, self-promoter, genius or maybe art clown is known worldwide. He loved creating a chaos, sensation, not to mention controversy. His artwork has passed through many hands and has travelled far distances. Many of Dali’s paintings consist of religious elements and are often based upon his dreams and visions. What is most interesting about Dali’s work is that every element each painting has a meaning behind it, even the smallest ant crawling from a hand has a deep meaning.

In year 1958 Dali has painted The Meditative Rose. To Dali, the rose symbolized as dealing with female sensuality. Also, red is used as a colour of passion and can also be association with death and decease. All roses are a symbol of love and passion. The colour of red just intensifies that meaning.  A Rose for Dali is just a portrait. A tribute, where the motive of Rose has a different, much simpler meaning.

Dali is not crazy. Just almost crazy.

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